Better Luck Next Time

Cori’s Pick:  Better Luck Next Time by Julia Claiborne Johnson

Back in 2017 I reviewed Be Frank With Me, Julia Claiborne Johnson’s debut that was published in 2016, and it was one of my very favorite books that year.  And as all book lovers do, I have waited not-so-patiently for her next novel, and the time has come.

Better Luck Next Time isn’t as quirky as Johnson’s debut, but it is full of laugh out loud moments and one-liners as well as some brief, tender moments that really balance the plot.  The book is narrated by Ward, a hired hand at a 1930s Reno ranch that helps women establish citizenship in Nevada to get quickie divorces.  Johnson’s cast of characters each bring their own (huge) personality AND issues to the ranch, making for some riotous dialogue. 

I really enjoyed this book!  It’s a quick and funny read which is exactly what I was in need of.  If you’re looking for some laughs, consider reading this one!  And if you haven’t yet, I still recommend going back to read Johnson’s debut.