Meet the Staff


Meet Sara: 

Reads Mysteries, suspense, humor, general fiction, fantasy, contemporary romance, History, whatever looks/sounds good.

Meet Alberto:  

Likes suspense, mysteries, horror and fantasy. I consider myself a communicator and above all a facilitator. It is my privilege to help and serve our population in all necessary aspects to somehow contribute to the public service, seeking also a clean and educational entertainment.

Cori Bio

Meet Cori: 

My go-to reading choices consistently include debut fiction, eclectic non-fiction, psychological suspense, and memoirs…but have varied a bit more recently to include a good chick-lit or young adult title.

If you are looking for politics, sci-fi, or war/military history – they don’t live here…sorry.


Meet Hannah:

Enjoys: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Mystery, Post-Apocalyptic, and Distopian books, audiobooks, and films as well as non-fiction documentaries and books about historical events and true crime. I am a massive geek who enjoys crafting and cosplaying and attend many comic & sci-fi conventions in and around Florida. As a information and technology librarian I enjoy using our various digital services like Overdrive to download ebooks and e-audiobooks.

Meet Jane:

I’ll read just about anything, but my love is for magical realism, women authors, 20th century novels and ghost stories.  I also have a special fondness for short stories and poetry.  Lately, I find myself reading a lot of non-fiction on a wide range of topics – everything from yoga to cocktails, from true crime to home decorating  and, really, anything in between.


Meet Rebecca: 

I enjoy young adult, general fiction, and fantasy books, and I especially love a good trilogy. I’ve been getting more into graphic novels – the artsy ones with interesting story lines being my favorites (think Saga, Monstress, Little Bird). I’ll give almost anything a try, but there’s a high likelihood that I’m not going to finish it if it doesn’t catch me in the first few pages.