Eagle in the Snow

Bob’s Pick: Eagle in the Snow by Wallace Breem One of my most favorite genre of books is historical fiction. This book has been hailed as a classic and deservedly so in depicting military life during the fall of Rome’s Rhine frontier around 406 AD. The whole Western Roman Empire collapsed in 476 AD *….

Better Luck Next Time

Cori’s Pick:  Better Luck Next Time by Julia Claiborne Johnson Back in 2017 I reviewed Be Frank With Me, Julia Claiborne Johnson’s debut that was published in 2016, and it was one of my very favorite books that year.  And as all book lovers do, I have waited not-so-patiently for her next novel, and the…

The Evening and the Morning

Bob’s Pick: The Evening and the Morning by Ken Follett When I started to read this book, I wondered why it was entitled “The Evening and the Morning” and not “The Morning and the Evening”. After reading the book, however, I feel that it could also have easily been called, “The Darkness before the Dawn”….