The Unhoneymooners


Cori’s Pick:  The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

I’m at a weird point in the year where I just keep telling myself everything is fine.  We’re all okay.  It’s fine.  I must not be totally convinced though because I’ve read about 5 cheesy romance books back-to-back, which is not ‘normal’ for me but hey, right on par for life right now.  Apparently happy endings are what I’m craving and the good news, there are LOTS and LOTS of great summer romances to choose from and hopefully they’ll give us all the reassurance we need.

I read a review for The Unhoneymooners and it just screamed beach read, so I stuffed it in my beach bag and landed under an umbrella with it.  Olive Torres is celebrating the wedding of her twin sister when, tragically, the entire wedding party gets food poisoning – except for Olive and the best man, Ethan Thomas.  With a fancy (and more importantly FREE) honeymoon teetering on the edge of going to waste, Olive and Ethan vie for the trip and end up both going.  Of course, a series of mishaps and intricate lies result in disaster, but also romance.  With its likeable cast of characters, the story is predictable, but with several unexpected twists, and I found it to be both funny and sweet, which isn’t always easy to pull off.  Add this one to your summer read list and count on all the good feels it brings with it.