Suggested Reading

Rebecca’s Pick: Suggested Reading by Dave Connis

Not gonna lie, it’s hard kind of hard to find a non-dystopian/apocalyptic YA, and I just wasn’t really in the mood for one of those right now….

So, I found a title that appealed more to my personal interests: the library and books!


When the principal of Lupton Academy announces the new list of “prohibited media” bibliophile Clara Evans takes matters into her own hands to ensure that the books that she owes so much of her own personal growth to continue to reach others. Clara starts an underground library to circulate the banned books and is surprised at the number of students requesting items. Through her time as a pseudo-librarian she discovers that the preconceived notions she had about her classmates, particularly the rich kids, were not accurate at all, and she learns the hard way that, not unlike books, people shouldn’t be judged by their “covers.” Clara’s secret library becomes a catalyst for change.

The language of this was very contemporary – it utilized a lot of teenage colloquialisms (not all of which I got), but I think it was done well to convey a teenager’s point of view. Overall, I would recommend this title because it was an easy and fun read for those who do passionately love books and appreciate the impact that those words can often leave.