13 Reasons Why

Dallas’ Pick: 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

After reading this book my first thought is simply, WOW! The writing in Jay Asher provides us with is absolutely amazing. The creativeness and emotion he demonstrated in his writing is one that is hard for a lot of authors to accomplish. Now if you are like me and pick up this book because there is a television show about it and you don’t actually know anything except that the main character commits suicide, spoiler alert; the book is the thirteen reasons why she did it. My mind was blown when I figured that out. I did however watch the Netflix show after I finished the book and while I can say that the show was interesting and followed the main idea of the book, I was bored though a lot of it. I was worried that the book and the show both would be triggers from bad events but I honestly did not have any emotional triggers, which was amazing. There was just enough disconnect from reality in the book that you can enjoy it without bringing up harsh memories. Overall it was a great book and I am so glad I decided to read it.