If I Stay

Dallas’ Pick: If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Oh goodness where to begin. First off within the first five minutes of reading you are going to want to put the book down, cry, and go hug your parents. If I stay is about a girl named Mia who is in a terrible car wreck involving her mom, dad, and little brother Teddy. Unfortunately her mother and father are dead on the scene and you do not get any word on Teddy until later on in the book. Mia is facing an out of body experience, she learns about at the scene of the accident. At first she believes she is just walking around inspecting all of the tragedy until she sees her own body and realizes that she is in a comatose state. During her choice you meet her grandparents, best friend, older sister, her wonderful boyfriend Adam, and some people from different bands, which you will understand as you read the book. Everyone comes in and out of the room sharing stories from their past with Mia and confining in her since they believe she cannot hear them. None of the visitors know that she is still in the room she can sense their sadness, hurt, worry, and love. Mia is faced with the hardest choice of all; moving on and being able to be with her family, or staying here to be with the people that are still alive and could possibly need her the most. I know that this is a movie and I have not seen it. I would like too and I hope they do as good of a job on it as Gayle Forman does. Also there is a second book named Where she Went as well and I can tell you now I will be starting very shortly. As emotional as the book was, it was so well written that I fell in love with it.

if i stay