The Last Mrs. Parrish

Cori’s Pick: The Last Mrs. Parrish

Another debut author alert!

As I was leaving work right before Christmas, I saw this book sitting on the library’s ‘new book’ shelves and grabbed it…to go along with the other five books I thought I would read over the holiday.  While this ended up being the only book I actually finished of the five (sigh), I couldn’t put it down and have added this author to my growing list of must-read authors!  The Last Mrs. Parrish is the debut novel by Liv Constantine (which is the pen name of sisters Lynne Constantine and Valerie Constantine).  Together they have produced a juicy psychological thriller that has a satisfying twist and an irresistible ending.

Amber Patterson wants and thinks she deserves more.  A better life filled with money, power, and prestige – none of which she currently holds.  So Amber makes a plan.  A diabolical plan that includes inserting herself into the life of a woman, Daphne, that has everything Amber wants.  Daphne has the perfect home, the perfect kids, endless bank accounts, holidays around the globe, and the perfect husband.  So Amber begins the process of stealing Daphne’s life, by gaining her trust, one lie at a time.  But Amber must be careful, she has secrets and skeletons that could easily come back to haunt her and ruin her masterful plans.  And Daphne has her own secrets….so the cover of The Last Mrs. Parrish says it all, ‘Some women get everything.  Some women get everything they deserve.’

the last mrs parrish