They Both Die at the End

Kathryn’s Pick: They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

“You may be born into a family, but you walk into friendships. Some you’ll discover you should put behind you. Others are worth every risk.” – Adam Silvera, They Both Die at the End

they both die at the end

Adam Silvera hides nothing with this title yet, after reading this book my heart is left feeling betrayed. They Both Die at the End is set in a world were characters are called and notified 24 hours before they will die. The idea behind this seemingly-ominous act is to allow those with regrets to correct them or to allow a final chance for each person to truly live.  Readers can expect to follow the stories of Rufus and Mateo, two men who have just received their call, as they attempt to appreciate the little things. Readers are also allowed a glimpse into the lives of a variety of characters and how Death-Cast, and the calls they make, have impacted and will impact their lives. The days’ worth of memories these two men share are enough to change almost anyone’s ideas on what is really important in this life. I do not want to give too much of this books’ plot away because I want each reader to experience the spoiler-free emotional rollercoaster that I did.

Personally, I was impacted by the ideas that this book mercilessly brings to light. Each page stresses the idea to live in the moment and appreciate all of the little things we often push aside. A book based around the topic of death can become a bit heavy at points, but I am left feeling refreshed after this emotional read.