Psychic Eye Mystery

Linda’s Pick: Psychic Eye Mystery Series by Victoria Laurie

This is one of my favorite series. Each issue is a quick, easy read that keeps you riveted while being in awe of the main character’s psychic abilities. There are 16 books in the series with the 15th being published in July 2017. I’ve already recommended this series to a few people and they all love it. Every time I see them, they tell me which book they’re up to. All are available in book and e-book on Overdrive, which has become my favorite way of reading books. It’s so easy to whip out my phone or tablet and start reading while waiting for an appointment, standing in a long line, or whenever I have idle time. If you have ever been to a psychic for a reading, or think you would like to, you’ll enjoy this series. Click here for a complete list of books in this series.

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