Court of Thorns and Roses

Linda’s Pick: Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sara J. Maas

I really enjoyed this fantasy series. There are two beings on this world, human and Fae, which is a mystical creature that wields great power and magic; some even have wings. The story line is based around a human named Feyre and how her life morphs into a world of love, pain, power and triumph. If you enjoy stories involving mystical powers, you love this series. Warning, there are some sexual explicit scenes. I’ve read the first 3 books in this 6-book series. The 4th book is due out in 2019. Even though I have to WAIT so long for the 4th book, the first three were so good that I’m still glad I started this series. Tip: Put a reminder in your calendar some time in 2019 to look for the next book in this series. Click here for a complete list of books in this series.

court of thorns and roses.jpg