All Fall Down

Dallas’ Pick: All Fall Down By Ally Carter

Imagine you are thirteen years old and the most traumatic thing has already happened to you. Would you be glad it is over or would that single moment in your life haunt you forever? For Grace unfortunately that moment haunted her for the rest of her life. Growing up an “army brat” and moving every year was hard enough, but the terrible part wasn’t the moving, it was watching her mother be murdered. Grace now lives on Embassy Row with her ambassador grandfather. The spotlight life is not for Grace, she is anything but graceful. Throughout this book you see how that traumatic moment turned her world upside down as she looks for her mother’s killer. She has friends, heartbreak, and a lot of dangerous situations thrown her way. Grace is the Katniss Everdeen of Embassy Row. This book was chosen for the Young Adult Book Club and I enjoyed the book so much that I am actually trying to finish the trilogy. Well written, good story line, and sarcastic humor, makes up this great novel.

all fall down