Perfectly Imperfect

Jane’s Pick: Perfectly Imperfect by Baron Baptiste
Such a small book, but such a deep impact on me. I read it quickly at first and thought “this would be a great gift book” – but as I read, I slowed down and started going back and re-reading chapters. I really started absorbing the insights and using them in my yoga practice, reminding me that yoga is more than the physical. But, what I like best about the book is that the insights found in the chapters are about so much more than yoga and can be applied to life in general. Overall, really inspiring and meaningful.

“We live in a world that teaches the importance of ambition, efficiency, expediency, getting things done to produce the quickest results. It does not teach or encourage us to relax and just be where we are. In fact, if we are not crazy active and doing a million different things, we get labeled as lazy or unambitious. As a culture, we are uber-active, always trying to reach somewhere. The irony is that for the most part, nobody knows exactly where they are trying to reach. We’re obsessed with trying to go better and faster to get there, without really knowing exactly where ‘there’ is.” Baron Baptiste


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  1. satyajivana says:

    i so need to read this book! It has been in my basket on Amazon for quite some time. I will definitely buy it now after reading your post. Thank you


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