You Were There Too

you were there too


Sara’s Pick: You Were There Too by Colleen Oakley

Artist Mia and her doctor husband Harrison have moved to a small town in Pennsylvania to start a family and escape some of the pressures of living in a big city. But Mia has her third miscarriage and Harrison isn’t so sure he wants to keep trying to have children. In the meantime, Mia struggles with her dreams of another man. Then she sees him at the grocery store and finally meets him when her husband operates on his sister. That’s when Oliver and Mia discover they’ve been dreaming about each other their whole lives. With Harrison sinking into depression, Mia struggles with her love for her husband and her attachment to Oliver. Eventually she and Oliver decide to consult a psychic to discover the meaning behind their mutual dreams of each other. This results in a typically obscure, but in the end a very accurate pronouncement by the psychic. This is a sweet and moving love story with heartbreak and a touch fate that reveals why Oliver and Mia have been brought together.