The Authenticity Project


Cori’s Pick: The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley

It’s the first of June and the start of summer is just a few weeks away.  I’m counting on it for a fresh start – anyone else?  In my book preferences I’m still bouncing between deeper literary reads, non-fiction, and books like this one that just make me smile and sigh.  I’m pretty sure you’ll see many more of these posted from me in the near future because they are just what life is calling for right now.

The Authenticity Project is Clara Pooley’s debut and all I really need to say is it’s a feel-good story that is uplifting and totally relatable.  But if you need more convincing: the story centers around what the main character, Julian, says the world is lacking, and that is honesty.  (I told you, totally relatable) So Julian asks a wonderfully diverse cast of characters for just that – to write the truth – in an unassuming green journal.  But Julian does not seek these people out, the journal finds them.  And in the end, an eclectic group of people with very different truths are brought together to support and cheer each other along in life.

This book was clever and easy and made my heart happy and sometimes, that’s all I need.  Bring this one to the beach, or do as I did and read it in your comfy chair with an over-sized bag a caramel corn.  No one’s judging.