All We Ever Wanted

Cori’s Pick: All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin
This is a story of how family and deep-rooted values can easily be overshadowed by money and privilege.
Coming from modest and humble beginnings, Nina hardly recognizes her new life. Her husband made a fortune selling his tech business and their son Finch goes to the best private school in Nashville and will soon be headed to Princeton.
But when a photograph is leaked, Nina’s life unexpectedly intersects with Tom and his daughter Lyla, who with the help of a scholarship, attends high school with Finch. As Nina has to evaluate the scandal that has unfolded, she realizes how much her life has changed, and perhaps not for the better. Nina also learns how one tragic incident from her past may help her move forward as the person she remembers…and truly wants to be.

all we ever wanted

This is Emily Giffin’s ninth novel, but the first I have read. I would definitely categorize this book as chick-lit, but I do feel like there was a good moral to the story and that kept me reading. If you have ever interacted with someone that thinks their wealth and privilege allows them to buy relationships and look down upon those that are a bit more modest, this book will be extremely relatable and leave you cheering on the heroine to take back control of her life and her family.