The Liar’s Girl

Sara’s Pick: The Liar’s Girl by Catherine Ryan How

A young woman has been living abroad in the Netherlands for 10 years after her boyfriend confessed to, and was convicted of, being a serial killer. The police contact her when the murders start again after 10 years. Will is still in prison but claims to have information he will share only with her. He is now claiming to be innocent, his confession coerced by an overly zealous cop. It is hard for Alison to face him, ashamed and dismayed to have been in love with a serial killer and because the last victim was her best friend.  Alison works with the police to discover whether her former boyfriend was unjustly convicted or if there is a copycat killer on the loose. Her attempts to discover what really happened after ten years are believable and the end is somewhat expected but the very end is a shocker.

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