A Simple Favor

Cori’s Pick: A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell

A few weeks ago I saw a movie preview for A Simple Favor, (which is set for release in September and stars Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick) that looked really interesting, see the trailer here – and I’m dying over the music!  I immediately checked for the book and there it was, sitting on our shelf here at the library, just waiting for me to dive in.  I learned that the author is also a preschool teacher, which after reading this book that I can best describe as dark and delicious, was surprising and gave me a good laugh.


A Simple Favor is a twisted tale of psychological suspense filled with betrayal, secrets, revenge and murder.   There are definitely a couple of moments when I think, ‘…wait a second, how could that happen!?’, but I still really enjoyed the story.  It starts with a simple favor, a simple act of kindness that one mom asks of another, to pick her son up from school.  From there, we learn that the favor wasn’t so innocent and that the two moms and best friends that this story revolves around have more secrets and skeletons than could ever fit in a closet!  I’m not going to overshare here, but I recommend indulging in this story of suspense, perfect for a rainy afternoon.  Happy reading!