The Legacy

Sara’s Pick:The Legacy by Yrsa Sigurdardottir

This is the first book in a new series featuring a psychologist from the Iceland’s Agency for Child Protection and a young, overwhelmed police detective. In 1987 an unspecified crime results in the death of the mother and grandfather of three small children. Fast forward to 2015. A young woman is brutally murdered in her home with her seven-year-old daughter as the only witness. The little girl is so traumatized that she refuses to say much about what happened. Meanwhile, a grad student in chemistry and ham radio enthusiast is listening to a broadcast of strange and random numbers which he eventually realizes are a code he can break. Freyja, the psychologist, works with the child to assist the police investigation which is led by Huldar who is afraid he has been promoted beyond his abilities. Then another horrific murder occurs. Is the little girl in danger? Or is Freyja? Can the police find any connections between the young wife of a respected OB-GYN and a retired math professor? There a number of twists

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and turns and surprises. Don’t think you’ve figured it out until the very end.