The Forgetting

Kathryn’s Pick: The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron

“The past is never really gone. It only lies in wait for you, remembered or forgotten.”

After browsing for an E-book on our Overdrive site, I stumbled upon The Forgetting. I am so happy that I did.

This novel follows our young heroine, Nadia, who lives in the city of Canaan. Canaan is a safe, structured, and sheltered society that walled itself in and lacks memory of what came before. There is no new-age technology in this “utopia” and each member is expected to contribute to society through manual professions and to journal their Truth daily. This journaling is an absolute requirement because every 12 years the city of Cannan experiences The Forgetting. During this event memories are wiped away and lives are reset with only the Truth written in these books to bring back order. Nadia is faced with the struggles of remembering her past, maintaining important relationships with family and friends, and exploring the boundaries of what’s been forgotten, all whilst trying to stop  The Forgetting from happening again.


As an avid lover of dystopian novels, I finished The Forgetting in less than a day. If you are looking for a gripping romance with a wildly-unique setting, then grab a copy of this novel whenever possible.