Taking the Titanic

Dallas’ Pick: Taking the Titanic by James Patterson

This was the first adult book that I read. I checked out one of our kindles and of course we have to have James Patterson on there.  Now this is not part of a series in fact it is a bookshot, which took me all of about two hours to read. I must say I have fallen in love with bookshots, they allow me to be able to read and enjoy stories even when I do not have as much time as I would like. In this bookshot a young lady bribes a man to go onto to the Titanic with her and pretend to be a married couple. Whilst on the ship they managed to pickpocket and rob multiple people with the hopes of docking in America and starting a wealthy life. Of course as we all know the Titanic does not make it to the United States so that is an unexpected bump in their plan. On top of making it off their sinking ship alive, they now must return a young boy, in which they kidnapped, to his parents before it’s too late. I enjoyed following the twists in this book while hoping all of the people you start to fall in love with, make it off alive.