The Velveteen Daughter

Sara’s Pick: The Velveteen Daughter by Laurel Davis Huber

This biographical novel examines the lives of two extraordinary women. Before the Velveteen Rabbit was published, Margery Bianco Williams’ daughter was more famous as a child prodigy painter than her mother. But it seems that fame at an early age can exact a terrible toll. Told in their alternating voices, Pamela describes struggles with her severe depression, her father who seems to crave the limelight, and a sad love affair. Her mother is her anchor although Margery can’t quite deal with the mental issues of her husband and daughter. The family was involved with artists like Pablo Picasso, writers like Eugene O’Neill, patrons of the arts like Gertrude Vanderbilt and the culture of New York in the early 20th century. The book includes portraits and Pamela’s art.