Do Not Become Alarmed

Cori’s Pick: Do Not Become Alarmed by Maile Meloy


Accustomed to a life of luxury, best friends Liv and Nora decide to take their husbands and young children on a holiday cruise and look forward to all that their Central American destination has to offer.  One afternoon, the friends and their kids leave the boat for a planned excursion, but unexpected changes lead them to  an afternoon lounging on the beach…and that’s where things go wrong.   A series of miscalculated events (including a scandalous walk in the rainforest) separate the adult friends from their children.  Accustomed to having control and providing safety for their kids, the parents fear the worst for their young children being on their own in a country that is not familiar to them and to make matters worse, has known drug cartels.  As the families work with law enforcement (some corrupt) to locate their children and bring them to safety, the story explores the complexities of fear, blame, and infidelity.   At the same time, you see how seemingly helpless children discover resources they never knew they possessed.

do not become alarmed

If you enjoy this book, author Maile Meloy has several other novels, including The Apothecary trilogy for young adults.