The Outsiders

Dallas’ Pick:The Outsiders by S.E. Hinson

The Outsiders is one of my all-time favorite books. I actually had to read this in school for a project and still continue to read it about once a year. The setting is Oklahoma 1965, when gangs where pretty big. The two main gangs in this book are the Greasers being from the poor side of town and the Socs being from the upside of the town. Johnny and Ponyboy who are both from The Greasers are my favorite characters! They both have grown up with very hard lives between the violence, drugs, and alcohol. One very famous line in this novel comes from a conversation between these two; “Stay gold Ponyboy stay gold.” The movie that was made from the story was actually a really good movie. It is an older film like VHS old so you have to give the graphics a little slack. Overall I would highly recommend the book or the movie to any young adult. I however would not recommend this book or movie to a very young group just because of the violence that goes on between the two gangs.



The_Outsiders_book (002)


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