Counting by 7s


Dallas’ Pick: Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan

This book was originally chosen for the Teen Book Club. It was also on the 2015 Sunshine State List. About a chapter into this book I realized this is not typically a book I would have picked for myself to read, as I find reading an escape to different realities. However I really have enjoyed this book. It does a very good job in my opinion to show the insight on a girl who happens to be a genius and how her mind works, she is obsessed with the number seven which is where the title comes into play. In fact there is a whole paragraph that is counting by sevens up to 1000. I believe this book show the truth about people who struggle to fit in. There are some emotional parts so be prepared, but I would recommend this book to any person who is looking for an easy young adult read.

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