Blackbird Volume 1

Rebecca’s Pick: Blackbird Volume 1 by Sam Humphries & Jen Bartel

Nina Rodriguez is known affectionately to her family as “crazy baby.” Ever since the earthquake and the appearance of that magical beast, she’s believed fiercely in the existence of wizards.

Paragons. Cabals. Cirques. Nina has scoured the online forums to discover the secrets of the magic she knows exists – much to the dismay of her older, more accomplished sister Marisa.

It’s usually Marisa who’s bailing out Nina, but when Marisa is kidnapped by the very creature Nina saw when she was young, it’s up to Nina to come to her sister’s rescue this time.

The story follows Nina, along with her newly found again pet cat Sharpie, as she makes unbelievable discoveries about her family and herself culminating in a cliffhanger that definitely kept me wanting more.

Not to mention…

                IT’S. SO. PRETTY.

The heavy pink, blue and purple tones along with the fantastical storyline remind me of those pictures of sea creatures in space that were on Trapper Keepers back in the day. Think dolphins floating along the Milky Way. You know the ones what I’m talking about. Equal parts beautiful and trippy – which perfectly sums up this story for me.

I’m hoping that there’s been a delay in the release of the next issues and not a total cancellation of the series, because I’m curious to find out what happens next.