Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Jane’s Pick: Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
I love gothic everything, so this title made me pick it up immediately – and, wow, the book did not disappoint. The book builds slowly at first, but, please, keep on reading – as you will be rewarded with a dark and twisty tale that will have you on the edge of your seat. Creepy and atmospheric is the best way I can describe this book.

This haunting novel is set in Mexico of the 1950s, and although the scares in this book are more psychological than bloodstained horror – it ramps up the weird to a whole new level. I love the glamour and intelligence of young socialite Noemí  how she is in stark contrast with the High Place manor’s heavy darkness.

Moreno-Garcia perfectly builds the horror through a slow squirm away from reality, and her richly detailed descriptions bring to life the decaying mansion, and it’s inhabitants. Desire, power, and fear spread like spores growing in fertile soil; tendrils taking hold your gray matter.

“The house had metamorphosed in the dream, but it was not a thing of meat and sinew on this occasion. She walked upon a carpet of moss, the flowers and vines crept up the walls, and long, think stacks of mushrooms glowed a pale yellow, lightening up the house in the middle of the night and left a part of itself inside. As Noemí de the staircase, her hands brushed upon a banister covered in flowers. “
Silvia Moreno-Garcia – Mexican Gothic