The Guest List

Guest List


Cori’s Pick: The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Full disclosure: I totally picked this one up based on the reviews, comparing it to the work of the mystery and suspense queen herself, Agatha Christie.  And I’ll tell you what, it did not disappoint!

For some reason with the thriller and suspense novels I read, I always want to send you into them blind, without giving any details here.  But I definitely want to convince you to read this one so here goes…The Guest List takes us to a creepy and atmospheric island off the coast of Ireland for the extravagant wedding of Jules and Will.  Jules is the beautiful mastermind that runs a successful online magazine and Will is the handsome golden boy and star of a wilderness survival TV show.  And just as Christie does in her novels, we are introduced to a huge cast of characters that all have their own secrets and motives for murder.  Foley slowly weaves a web of backgrounds and secrets with alternating points of view, and about halfway through the juicy secrets converge and come pouring out – and then the race is on!  I found myself trying to soak up every detail, knowing that one of them was the key to finding out ‘whodunnit’.  This is a page-turning thriller that you can cozy up with and count on finishing within a day or two.