Today I am Carey

Sara’s Pick: Today I am Carey by Martin L. Shoemaker

Set in the near future, an android assists Alzheimer’s patient, Mildred, with long term care. He is able to fill in the gaps in her memory of the past and can replicate the appearance and personality of family members so when she asks “Is that you, Paul?” that is who he is. He is a wonderful support and comfort to Mildred and the family becomes deeply attached to him. What happens, then, when Mildred dies and Carey is no longer needed? Well, it turns out that Cary is unique and what happens is that he stays with the Owens family. This is a wonderful story about an empathetic android and how that works as he interacts with his human family. And what happens when he can no longer receive upgrades to his software. Not so much science fiction (with Alexa and Siri in so many of our homes) as a look at the capacity to care and support and love.