You Think It, I’ll Say It

You Think It, I’ll Say It by Curtis Sittenfeld

I have enjoyed Sittenfeld ever since I picked up her first novel Prep in 2005 and this latest book of short stories did not disappoint.

You Think It

You Think It, I’ll Say It is Sittenfeld’s first collection of short stories and I am amazed at how “big” she makes each feel – she jumps into the stories with such complexity. The characters are deeply drawn and are relatable in a strange, familiar way. And they are relatable, which is worrisome because there is this underlying streak of mean/judging/off putting – and yet, ultimately, I totally “get” them and the situations. Sometimes so close that I winced with understanding – like “yikes, I hate that I get that”

The stories are quick reads, but they linger with you for a long while after finishing each one. The characters are that vivid.