Look for Her

Sara’s Pick: Look for Her by Emily Winslow

In 1976 a young girl goes missing and years go by before her body is discovered. Then a DNA link is made that only leads to more questions.  Does the body belong to Annalise? Or are there two young women missing? Decades later, Keene who now works with the cold case squad and Frohmann who is on maternity leave join forces to re-interview possible witnesses in the surrounding area where Annalise went missing. As they begin to piece together possible scenarios for the crime, two young women, one named for the dead girl and the other claiming to be her daughter, born during a summer abroad in France become clients of the same psychologist. Then one of them is drowned in the Cam River and the other is assaulted and left by the psychologist’s car.  While this seems to start as an ordinary psychological thriller it quickly becomes much more. This is the fourth book in her Keene & Frohmann series and one of the best.

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