Project Semicolon

Dallas’ Pick: Project Semicolon by Amy Bleul

The Semicolon project started in 2013 to help people battling with mental illness. The Semicolon represents that it may be bad right now but does not mean this has to be the end just like in grammar, a semicolon means the thought is not over.  Over the years the Project Semicolon has helped multiple people cope with suicidal thoughts and mental illnesses. I myself actually have a tattoo to support the project. It has been an amazing way to share with people my personal story and also start conversations with someone who may be struggling right now. In the book Project Semicolon there is multiple stories of people conquering all kinds of self-harm and mental illnesses, along with the unfortunate memorials to people we have lost in the fight. There is a lot of pictures of tattoos that people received to show their support to the cause. I do not read a lot of non-fiction but this book was too good to pass up. It is amazing to know that there are people going through the same fight.