Ana’s Story

Dallas’ Pick: Ana’s Story by Jenna Bush

By the age of sixteen Ana has had a child, lived with four different relatives, found out she has HIV AIDS, outlived her mother and father, been sexually assaulted, abused, and lived in two different group homes. This book is a nonfiction book but the names were changed to cover identities of the people involved. While reading this story you feel so much pain for Ana realizing that this happens all around the world and unfortunately sometimes nothing happens to stop it. The author of this book, Jenna Bush, did a great job writing to make you try to understand how hard of a life Ana truly had. Ana comes through all of her pain, abuse and struggles and still manages to live a happy life with a positive attitude. I honestly can say I have great admiration for Ana. While reading this book I felt like all of my personal issues that seemed like such a big deal faded away to prove that there is someone out there that always has it worse off than us.

ana's story