My Pet Human

Dallas’ Pick: My Pet Human by Surovec Yasmine

My Pet Human was a 2017 Sunshine State Book for SSYRA Jr. list. This was one of the cutest books I have read. I am a cat owner so I could relate to this book very easily. In this story you meet a stray cat who enjoys being on his own. He finds food in dumpsters or restaurants and takes care of himself. One day he smells tuna and follows his nose to a little human that just moved into the neighborhoods abandoned house. Soon she decides she wants to keep this stray. The cat is unsure of humans because he has very high standards. He enjoys cardboard boxes, lots of food, and his belly being rubbed. This little human knows the way to the cats heart. One day the cat is trying to make his human a new friend and in the process the cat is caught by animal control. The little human finally saves the cat and gives him a new name and a new home. The comics in this book are so cute, you are sure to fall in love with the stray kitten. He gives you the innocent kitten eyes.

my pet human