Who is Walt Disney

Dallas’ Pick: Who is Walt Disney By: Whitney Stewart (Juvenile nonfiction)

This is one of the first non-fiction books I have read in a while, and I can honestly say I enjoyed it. I just recently as an adult fell in love with Disney; movies, books, parks, everything. Who was Walt Disney is a biography about Walt’s life from a young child up to his death. It was very informative and well written. Any historical events that Walt lived through the book explained briefly what that event meant for that time period. For example; Walt Disney was alive when the attack on Pearl Harbor happened, so there is a whole page dedicated to explaining what Pearl Harbor was and why it was such an important event in history. I learned so much information about how Disney Studios came to be that I never even knew. It was truly a very interesting read. If you want to know more about Walt Disney and the history that leads to everything Disney is today I would definitely recommend this book.