Kingdom Keepers

Dallas’ Pick: Kingdom Keepers: Disney after Dark By: Ridley Pearson

ATTENTION ALL DISNEY FANS!!! This is an absolutely must read! I went to Disney for the first time last year and came across this book at the library. Working in the Children’s Department I figured it would be a fun read. It was so much more than I expected! I fell in love with the book completely. These kids become holographic host and tour guides at Magic Kingdom, which the fact that Disney hasn’t done that yet is a little surprising to me. Problems began to arise with the human figures of the hosts, all of a sudden every time they fall asleep they are transported to Magic Kingdom, Awesome right? The bad thing is when they wake up in Magic Kingdom they have to fight off Maleficent and other villains that are attempting to take over all the good. Five kids against all of the worst villains of all time AND they can’t tell anyone or risk their Hosts being pulled for Magic Kingdom, it is an adventure for sure. You get to read about all of the cool hidden doors and secrets about Disney on top of a really well written book. If you love the book like I did, don’t worry, there is a whole series to be continued.

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